Capuchin Social Theatre

Caring for life through Arts

Capuchin Social Theatre - Caring for life through Arts (CapST)
is the Social Theatre department of the Minor Capuchins Friars.
It works in the Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation (JPIC),
Ecumenical and Interreligious dialogue fields. 

Through workshops and social theatre formations
we work in emergency context all over the world.


About Us

Our team consists mainly of friars who are experts in a specific discipline and who, in a systemic way, work together on the mission of being the constant voice of the poor for the Franciscan order of Capuchin Minor Friars.



Social Theatre consists of a series of practices and methodologies of social action, based on the previous practices of “theatrical animation”, community-based theatre, intercultural theatre, New Theatre and theatre therapies. Social Theatre as a discipline is closely linked to the Social Sciences and Cultural Anthropology. 
Social Theatre consists of laboratories, workshops, performances and integrated field-actions, with the aim of enhancing the quality of social interactions, through individual empowerment, group building, social and cultural mediation, and integrated process promoting participation and social dialogue. 
Social Theatre is a relevant subject in performance studies, social studies, psychosocial response, team building, democratization processes, conflict management and in sub-cultural studies. 
Social Theatre is also used in several international programs of non-formal education, social inclusion, psychosocial animation, cultural mediation-integration, trauma response, democratization and social participation. Various International Organizations, including IOM, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNDP, IFRC and UNESCO and numerous non-governmental organizations use Social Theatre within their projects.

In addition to the professionalism in the Social Theatre field developed over the years both in studies and on the ground, the added value of our Capuchin Social Theatre work is the integral approach that takes into account the spiritual sphere of vulnerable people for the purpose of a truly effective care taking.


Our Mission

To build a better world through a preference for the vulnerable of our society and to be an action of Caring for life through the Art of the ethics of “otherness” (reaching out to others).

To Promote the spirit of Franciscan "human fraternity" through the art of the ethic of otherness.

To Train local practitioners in order to use the CapST methodology autonomously in their respective places.

Capuchin Social Theatre

Meet Leadership Team

Stefano Luca OFMCap
International Director of the Capuchin Social Theatre Department

International Director of the JPIC Capuchin Office

Charles Alphonse OFMCap
Psychotherapist specialized in Integral Optimism & Happiness, International Office of Formation for OFMCap

Jeime Rey OFMCap
Anthropologist, International Office of Formation for OFMCap



See our workshops and social theatre formations
all over the world



Books & videos.
Some of our productions made in these years